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BL102K WPC Upright Post

Product category :Hollow Tube

Size: 150*150mm

Features and Advantages:

1. Dimensional stability, long term savings
2. Good resistance to water, pest, moisture
3. Natural wood looking and feel
5. Easily installation and low maintenance,
6. High impact resistant, resistance to rot and crack,
7. Environment friendly, 100% recyclable,

8. Non-paint, weatherproof, UV resistant.

1.Landscape works: outdoor decking, garden pavilion, fences, handrails, doors, windows, home decor 
2.Public facilities: flower pots, waste bins, lampposts, bus station, gazebo, road isolation facilities, highway noise barriers 
3.Entertainment facilities: style, ceilings, tables and chairs 
4.Decorative facilities: floor, wall decoration panels, interior panels, wall panels, stairs board
5.Logistics facilities: tray, pad warehouse, packaging equipment